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At Arnold Stevens Finlay we are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients, enabling us to understand your unique situation and customise the assistance we provide to suit your requirements.


Strategic Planning & Coaching

Many businesses need assistance to enable them to reach their goals. We are able to facilitate this process as business coaches. We provide direction to management of many small and medium enterprises. We can conduct strategic planning workshops enabling management to search for better ways to managing their business. In addition we can assist management to develop and prepare strategic and business plans.

We can assist management interpret their financial results and coach them forward to success and profitability. The performance of business can be enhanced by:

  • Development and implementation of strategic plans.
  • Developing strategies to measure and manage business risks faced by an organisation, including risk management plans and preparing for crisis.
  • Assisting clients to formulate and articulate their vision and develop strategies to provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Ascertaining the cost of various parts of business processes using activity based costing.
  • Reviewing business processes for efficiency, control and effectiveness.
  • Undertaking detailed reviews of management structures and staffing, including determining individual competencies.

These services are designed to suit Small and Medium Enterprises. Our service and advice is always focused on being practical and realistic so that real benefit can be achieved.

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