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Superannuation Advice 

Your superannuation is a pool of money which, if invested wisely could allow you to be financially independent in retirement.

As a wage earner, a percentage of your pre-tax salary is automatically paid by your employer (known as superannuation guarantee) and placed in your superannuation fund to accumulate for your retirement. It is estimated however, that this contribution alone will not be enough for many Australians to maintain their lifestyle throughout retirement.

Have you thought about how much you will need for retirement? No one wants to fall short, so it pays to start looking at ways to build up your superannuation sooner rather than later.

There are many superannuation strategies you can implement to help increase your retirement income whilst at the same time be able to minimise tax. As you approach retirement, it is absolutely essential to seek professional advice to ensure you can achieve the lifestyle you want. Putting strategies in place now can make a world of difference during retirement.

Some strategies could include:

  • Splitting Super contributions with your spouse in the lead up to retirement
  • Accessing part of your super pre-retirement (Transition to Retirement Pension)
  • Salary Sacrificing into super
  • Making deductible contributions into super
  • After tax Contributions
  • Government Co-Contribution

One of the main benefits of investing in superannuation rather than investing your money elsewhere is the tax benefits that you can gain. All income earned on monies invested within your superannuation fund is taxed at a maximum of 15% which can be a lot lower than your marginal tax rate that applies to income on your non-super investments.

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